$Wizard BSC Token

$Wizard BSC token with a limited supply of 100,000 (non-mintable) is publically offered via PancakeSwap market

Expect high price fluctuations during the market sale, as we will sell up to 500 $Wizard tokens daily until 70% of total supply is sold on exchanges.

$Wizard token is aimed to kickstart launch of a blockchain Action-RPG Game that utilizes NTFs, Web3 wallets, and will allow fun and relaxing 3D Online RPG game experience in PC browser, Smartphone or Tablet with same level of comfort.

The game in development is heavily inspired by such games as Magicka, Ultima online, Diablo and few other RPGs.

The gameplay will follow classic top-down Action-RPG formula, with simple game mechanics, few quests, dungeons, world bosses and various game locations.

The whitepaper and other important info about our upcoming project is yet to be announced, make sure that you’re following out social channels to keep yourself updated: Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Discord

Holders of $Wizard token will be able to exchange it for 2x presale value of Stage 2 token either with airdrop, or other method that will be announced later.


Token Supply and Distribution

Total supply: 100000 $Wizard Tokens (non-mintable)

Limited total supply of token makes it scarce and offers only a small group of people to join our Stage 1 token sale.

Token Sale Distribution: 70,000 $Wizard Tokens

Only 70% of tokens is available for purchase

Luquidity pools reserve: 20,000 $Wizard Tokens

Liquidity will be distributed on decentralized exchanges, with PancakeSwap being our main platform.
First sales will go towards Liquidity Pools and will be stored on LP balance for at least 2 years.

Development Fund: 5,000 $Wizard tokens

5000 $Wizard tokens will be reserved in developers wallet and will be used to sustain project for many years to come.

Marketing Fund: 5,000 $Wizard tokens

This fund will be used for token distribution on airdrops, to support content creators and marketing.
Both Dev and Marketing pools will not be touched for 1 year.

Why buy $Wizard?

$Wizard token will be swappable 1:2 presale value for Stage 2 project, which is intended to be used as in-game premium currency for our Online RPG Crypto game.

People will be able to connect their Web3 wallet to our game in order to buy in-game items, NFT artifacts and get other in-game perks to flex on other players in online lobby and to conquer challenging dungeons.

Top 10 holders of $Wizard will get Each get a unique One of a Kind NFT in-game item.

  • #1 – Staff of Funder, which will give player godlike stats, and will allow to turn any mob or player into gold once per day. When equipped, this item will display a gold shining aura around player, making everyone around extremely jealous.
  • #2 – Alchemist’s Cape, which will give player extremely strong stats, allow nearly unlimited creation of free Buff/HP/Mana potions, and will display a green aura around player.
  • #3 – Divine Necklace, which will give player a 30 minute immortality buff with 1 hour cooldown and strong stats. It will also display a white shining aura around player.
  • 4 to 10 will get other cool items, which will be tradeable as NFTs on BSC network.

How to buy?

Buy $Wizard coins on PancakeSwap at the market price. Notice that during the token sale we will sell up to 500 tokens per day at the market price, which will mostly go towards liquidity pool.

If you’re buying at PancakeSwap, make sure to set slippage to 11%, and to use small amounts as the liquidity is still being accumulated.

About the developer

The developer behind this project have worked for 5 years in cryptocurrency companies in role of business developer. In the past he had a successful history in game development, developing several RPG mods for *cough* blocks game *cough* and several unreleased projects such as in-browser online action RPG game (similar to what we’re building now) and few smaller games such as physics/action games.

Why developer is anonymous?

At this stage of the project it’s too early no announce the names, because as we all know in crypto it can go both ways. On top of that, at this stage of the project it’s not registered as a company and yet to obtain necessary registrations to operate within the residential law of the host country.

However if we will have a successful launch, and the project goes as planned — the developer will reveal himself to host live shows and AMAs on YouTube, Twitch and other platforms.

Team Spirit

With decade lasting connections to the best game developers and designers in the world, it will be easy to recruit and empower people to work on this project together, to develop exciting Crypto Game.


$Wizard token does not hold any value, and by purchasing it you take your own financial responsibility. The Liquidity Pool/wallets can be hacked, BNB price can go down and of course there’s never any guarantees against rug polling.

We don’t have crazy marketing campaigns and don’t promise impossible returns. This is a deposit into a highly experimental project that can turn out good or bad.

Citizens of the United States of America, Russian Federation, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, and Bolivia are forbidden from participating in the token sale. Consult with your local law about legality of holding crypto assets in your country.

If you are okay with this — proceed.